Wednesday, February 6, 2013


At @_vajk's request for #7lines, here are the first seven lines from the seventh page of my book. (I may have cheated, I skipped the prologue). All the #7lines links should be compiled on her website!

From the novel Leylined:

It occurred to Lena that she was in a dream when she realized that for some reason, the world was square. There were still trees, and the ocean was there, and the Spire was there, tall and white and spindling, but for some reason it was all made of squares. Even the clouds were square. Nine, she thought, even the moons are square. They were just two blocks hanging up in the sky, little squares of color dotting their surfaces. The Ring somehow maintained an appearance of being smooth, but Lena figured that was just an illusion. It was likely made all of squares, just too small to see.

Hope you enjoyed the tease!